You and Your Hamster

How Much Food?

I would suggest that you buy you hamster pellet food. So that anything else you give him/her will be a treat.


I would only give your hamster treats every few days - for instance - every three days give him/her a few seeds or another kind of treat. 

Important tips you should know

  • Hamster loves to exercise. They are naturally energetic and will do a lot of running. So make sure you provide all necessary equipment such as hamster wheels or adequate size of running space for them to 
  • Hamsters are nocturnal creatures (active at night) so they need peace during the day to sleep. It is highly recommended to place the cage away from draughts and direct sunlight.
  • The cage floor should be covered with adequate layer of bedding. You can use the commercial wood shaving as they are absorbent and nontoxic.
  • Hamster also needs privacy during their resting time. Build them a simple small room for them to sleep. A small box will be a good idea.
  • Feed your hamsters adequately. Make sure they have enough food and more important water supply.
  • Wash the hamster cage once in a week. Keep the cage clean to prevent any infection risk.
  • Bathing your hamster are not recommended. Don't worry, they can clean themselves.
  • Build a good relationship with your hamsters. Talk to them, hold them and playing with the will keep the hamsters happy.Cool